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This girl and her chicken face swap 

This is the creepiest shit

I was gonna scroll passed this but I got a glimpse of her eyes and thought they looked weird and I scrolled back up and my heart literally stopped 


when someone makes a joke about one of ur insecurities

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damn josh


Oops.. lol


Alex Shelnutt of A Day To Remember [x]

mad and rad

I think Tyler’s tattoos are awesome, and those hipbones, but the more I stare at the ones on his chest, the more I see geometry problems haunting me- “now use the definition of vertical angles to prove that the two triangles are congruent by the SAS postulate.”
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Project Clique


I’m going to see twenty one pilots in November, and since they have done so much for a lot of people, I figured I could fill a book with submissions of the whole clique to show them how happy we are with them. After telling some people about this idea, I found out some of them had similar plans, so now we combined ideas and made a plan together, since we’re one clique and not two or three :) We’ll try to give it to them the day of the show, or we’ll try to give it to their crew, I’m sure we can get it to them somehow :)

The idea is to have pictures of people holding up signs with their favourite lyrics, and to have a sentence about what twenty one pilots means to them underneath. We also want to show twenty oen pilot how international their fanbase is, so we would like pictures of signs that say Jøin The Clique. To make sure all pages look kinda similar, here are some guidelines/rules/thingies:

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